Welcome toEquiCare Zambia

EQUICARE COMPANY LIMITED was incorporated in October 2017 particularly for the purpose of supplying imported durable and reliable healthcare technology solutions that possess the capacity and characteristics to improve in one way or another how healthcare services are imparted in Zambia. Over the Past years, the company has had a general perspective on what type of products to offer to its prospective customers. Recently however, it envisaged a new focus and passion for mother and child health issues.

As such, for the next 10 years EQUICARE is committed and dedicated to supplying technology that is vital and necessary in the management and elimination of various mother and child health complications. In this new direction, we target to reach a point when mother and child deaths as attributed to inefficient and inadequate healthcare technology will drastically drop to Zero.

We aim to supply affordable, durable and reliable technology and the same point only foster and initiate partnerships with companies and organizations that share common interests, passions and values. In this spirit, we have partnered with companies such as CAREMEDICAL, LINX, LAITE etc. To also ensure that our customers receive maximum value and benefit out of the products we supply, we have a team of medical equipment experts on standby 24/7 to facilitate user training and technical services pre and post supply.

Our product range comprises basic and complex Medical equipment, Furniture, Consumables, Accessories, Instruments and spare parts that are useful and crucial in the labour ward, Recovery Room, Operating Theatres, NICU, Female ward, Children’s Ward, Gynaecology etc. Our general plan is to become your one stop center for all products and technical services that concern mother and Child.

We are very excited about this journey and we hope you can join us!

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